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Lisou is a British womenswear brand born in London by Creative Director Rene Macdonald.

Lisou is a label inspired by classics: pieces that will stand the test of time and make a woman look and feel feminine and elegant. Rene’s designs are known for being sophisticated with the occasional unexpected twist.

Rene has spent many years living all over the world, from Ethiopia, Tanzania and Southern Africa to a variety of European countries.  As such her travels have played a major part in influencing her designs.  Lisou knows that fashion is not just about trends but about pieces that transcend them.  Rene’s designs are largely influenced by her mother Elizabeth, alongside whom she spent many years sketching, sewing and bringing into reality the images in their minds.  Elizabeth is also responsible for Rene’s eponymous label Lisou, which was her childhood nickname.

A Lisou piece is a garment to last a lifetime.  All silks are sourced from Europe and China and manufactured to exacting standards in Portugal and the UK.  Every lined silk piece is lined in 100% silk ensuring that quality persists throughout.  Lisou’s hope is that every Lisou woman enjoys the love and attention to detail that was put into each piece produced for her.